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1. Law

2. Why no alteration?

3. Actions



1. Law.


In the Dutch law some small mostly technical rules about visitationrights are changed indeed, witch doesn’t give any structural alteration. Since 1971 the mother becomes the guardian and all-though there is a slide movement in this point, the wrong is also sliding with it; more and more woman aren’t allowed to see their own children... Although it is an actual issue; you will see that this matter is rooted too deep to be uprooted due to structural corruption inside the (Dutch) justice-system,  as you can read underneath. We can not and will not go in into the corrupt law witch gives us no solution at all. Other organizations* are specialist in that area.


2. Why no real alteration?


Since the “new” –Dutch- divorce-laws in 1971 (See also “The Spiritual Side”), the visitation-iniquity flourished abandoned. The Foolish Fathers Foundation (St. Dwaze Vaders) offered – by the chairman Tj. Bakker – from 1989 until 1995 yearly on the Second Tuesday of September a petition against this visitationrights-iniquity to the Representatives of the People, Second Chamber of the Parliament, Justice-section; on address: Plein 2 The Hague.


Why than is there no real alteration and is  this iniquity getting worse?*


In our perspective the Bible gives a clear answer. Ecclesiastes 3:16 gives a very clear answer to read in the Dutch translation called “Het Boek”, that crime is seen under the eyes of the Justice department and that even the Courts of Law are corrupt.  The English King James stated: “And moreover I saw under the sun the place of judgments, that wickedness was there; and the place of righteousness, iniquity was there”.


Well; the official Dutch State-Newspaper’s (Staats-Courant) number 245 dated December 18th 1995 headline on page 7 was: “Corruption at Government extensive and structural problem”. It’s a pity that most people doesn’t understand the words ‘extensive’ and ‘structural’ anymore


Allright, i do admit: this was about one (big) case... Yet, do you really think that these people are doing this corruption in just one case, while words as ‘extensive’ and ‘structural’ are used..? and above all this we are saying the same thing in our visitationrights-iniquity..?


“Alarmed Citizens” Nico Burhoven-Jaspers and Henk Rem, examiners of Scientific Research of the Judicature offered their thesis called “Integrety of the Judicature” also to the Dutch Representatives of People, Second Chamber of Parliament (as mentioned above). A full-page article in the national Dutch newspaper “De Telegraaf” of July 12th 1997 tells about this. In another Dutch Catholic Newspaper, “Katholiek Nieuwsblad” of May 27th August 31st  and October 19th 2001, August 2002 and January 3rd  2003 you can read an extensive implicit report about the functionality of the Dutch Judicature. Although there is riotously evidence (Dutch Television TV2Vandaag 7th & 10th August 2002) nothing alters...


The Bible reads in Proverbs 29:12 If a ruler hearken to lies, all his servants are wicked”. How wicked a lot of fathers can tell you. Employee’s of the Dutch “Child ‘Wel’-fare” are servants of the (corrupt) Justice-department, as also the many Youth- and Family Organizations. One typical example is written in the Dutch Newspaper “Twentse Courant” of  Nov. 16th 1994, under headline  “Foolish Fathers and Child-‘Doomed' fare”: In (the city) Groningen a divorce-mediation-bureau was functioning;  both partners where enabled to straightened up all things around the divorce. The bureau was stopped, mainly because the Child-‘Welfare was missing 30% of it’s financial income..... (due to it’s own –human- policy...) Well.., enough evidence...?


A third biblical vers can put us in the position to think more about the fact why nothing will chance; Malachi 4:6. Tt understand this you shall have to make a study off this own vers and also of  1st Corinthians 15:46. The spiritual ánd natural way of this iniquity you can imagine about the commentary about these lines.


Knowing this all, also that the Bible is the truth, everybody can declare (as Albert Streep is doing for many years now by the sub line of his banner) that nothing wíll be changed in these matters before the Lord Jesus Christ returns to this earth. ‘Fáther misses child’ – ‘And nobody is doing anything about it’


Does this mean that everybody should be silent..? No, of course not! Even the Bible tells us in Proverbs 31:8-9: “Open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such are appointed to destruction; open thy mouth, judge righteously and plead the cause of the poor and needy”. And this is so much needed.. Why, you can read  below:


* Child-murders


 In 1996 / ’97 there was a real mediahype in The Netherlands about child-murders. More and more fáthers realized that after divorce the children where assigned to their mother and the father became an alien to them due to visitations-iniquity (in the name of the Queen). Also the children weren’t allowed to see their own fathers anymore... The knowledge to know that your own blood-children are suffering deeply under this justice-iniquity, has brought a lot of fathers to the desperate act of killing their own children (before killing themselves). By the number of these events of child-murders, together with it’s extend psychological debate about it (even up to the Dutch Psychological Institute!), the Dutch society was alarmed on such a way, that the minister of Justice Winnie Sorgdrager, asked the press on Feb. 13th 1997 urgently to stop reporting about these media-reports (censorship). Of course it is an utopia to assume that the actual child-murders stopped, and after a while the now called ‘family-drama’s’ appeared (again) in the media; these times “without known reasons”...


Also the less dramatic action of ‘kidnapping’ (abroad) became more and more in the media. Marked detail was the choice of words in these reports; fáthers allways ‘kidnapped’ there own children while mothers ‘took them with them’. Fáthers where painted as criminal always while mothers in the same situation where considered as pittyfull...

More fáthers are proclaiming these abuses (created by the Dutch government and laws, see above-mentioned point 2.) around visitation-rights for years and years now. Yet “Nobody is doing anything about it...” Neglecting is to blame when certain points are passed. The dept of The Netherlands is growing, daily..!



3. Actions:


More and more we are convinced to carry water into the sea is nonsense! The Dutch department of Justice IS corrupt and they do knów this fact! Yet; they go on, and on, and on.... These dressed in black judges and white-dressed specialist are earning excessive money out of your (children's) misery...!


We think that it has not much sense to demonstrate at Justice-buildings and so on. The (Dutch) people has to know about this huge iniquity and has to do something about it..!


By others “Full-time activist” called Albert Streep has been active many times with his banner “Fáther misses child.”; publicly (See: Media-list). Doing so, he has been on de ‘Beverwijkse Bazaar’ (also called: ‘Black Market’) collecting more then 10.000 signatures. His crusade throughout The Netherlands has given him a monopoly-position which he gladly likes to share with other (already-being) foolish fathers. Continuity stays by publications and is that important..! Not only national, no, just the opposite: international. Look towards other organizations like Amnesty International; they published the wrongs of relative countries in other countries. Compare it with a private matter: an outsider is often able to do more then the own father! And so, at the “First International Manifestation” at Paris – France (November 15th ‘97) there were also 5 Dutchman among the German, Danish and English representatives. Publicity is soooooo important.....! The “Second International Manifestation” was held under the auspices of the Wise Father Foundation – International at Amsterdam (The Netherlands) on December 18th 1999). When this can continue throughout Europe, it would be great.


At the beginning of 1998, Albert Streep went for the first period of three months to Ghana in West-Africa, where fulfilling the regulations of the Wise Father Foundation – Int., to bring the natural and spiritual visitation right-iniquity message in evangelical crusade’s and all kind of churches. In the years to come, there was also opportunity to do so. Sometimes for a dozen, sometimes for thousands of people he could tell the pain of a Fathers-heart Who was missing His children. Is this imitable..?


* Other organizations about this iniquity can be found on internet page www.sno.myweb.nl Beware of the fact that also the (corrupt) government is using this internet page..! A good organization is found under  http://www.f4j.nl


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