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The Spiritual Aspect 

During the Renaissance of Europe, the interest of new idea’s increased heavenly. The human mind was liberated and set free from the censorship of the medieval-churches and according to literary man as John Dee and Simon Forman there was no conflict between magic and Christianity. (The biblical Deuteronomy 18:9-14 makes a stand against this...). There became also more interest in the Jewish “Kabbala” and there became a tradition of speculative-thinking, witch was leading to the erecting of secret societies and occult groups. AD 1776 America was raised; under the Waking Eye; upon every $1,-- banknote we still can find the year in Roman Capitals. The time of the Illumination was born; the Illuminators began to prepare the new world-order. A 200-year later we do see an extensive grow of divorces; just as a part of this conquest. In the Dutch newspaper “Reformatorisch Dagblad” of May 27th 1993 we find an article under headline: ”The New World order in advance”. A part of this article reads:

“For now, first the artificial-introduced disorder and unstabilisation concerning criminality, Mafia-appearance, drugs-addiction; football-vandalism; un-employment; freedom-wars and racial-conflicts has to increase, to create a good circumstance wherein the ‘normal’ man is looking expectantly to the one who (strongly) will create “Law and Order” in this frantic world. And all these things are going well. Feminism contributed a big deal to the process by chancing the thoughts about family-life and being the cornerstone to society, resulting in increasing divorce and despaired children, an increasing addiction-culture (drugs, sex, nicotine, liquor, TV, porn), a violence spiral by which murder- dead slaughter and freedom-wars flourish, together with introduction of abortion and euthanasia”. 

In practice we do see all these things happening now, the iniquity of visitations-‘wrongs’ (after divorce) isn’t a lonely fact but a part of a bigger constellation! As being experience-experts we talk about the visitations-wrongs after divorce. The media published already about satanic groups with are ‘praying’ in favor of divorces to come more and more. Occult sects like “Sciëntology Church” appears to have big influence at Youth-Welfare and even in the Committee of Human Rights (Dutch Newspaper ‘Nederlands Dagblad Feb.5th 1996 / TV: Zembla -VARA/NPS- Dec.12th 1996). All over the world ‘suddenly’ organizations are popping up which are fighting against this visitation-iniquity and hereby discover that whole governments are corrupt, likewise it’s written in the biblical Ecclesiastes 3:16 & Proverbs 29: 12...Knowing this, everybody can realize that also the written bible words “He that is unjust, let him be unjust; and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still/ and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still; and he that is holy, let him be holy still”. (Rev.22:11) That’s why the chairman of the Wise Father Foundation was walking with the banner “Fáther misses child.” with a small sign underneath: “and nobody is doing anything against it...”

When you really study Malachi 4 : 6 you can discover that this iniquity is just a part of a fulfilling prophecy; the visitation-wrong-iniquity is just a separate part of it. The pain of a fathers heart must be made known to the people to show how much our heavenly Father is in pain about His children. about you! By doing so, these children had to be separated from their fathers which we are seeing happening now... Our Father in heaven foresaw this iniquity already and warned us about it...yet: we do not listen to Him..., aren't we..???

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