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What you can do about these visitations-wrong’s !!!

You can do a lot against this big iniquity called visitation-wrong’s; the only question is: 
What will you do..? You can do the next things:

  1. First at all: Beware this situation and try to imagine it..! Dó think deeply about it; consider and reflect this iniquity. Do consider all the festival- and holidays, schoolvacations and so on but also the normal weekly day when fathers máy not see there onw children and children are missing there fathers..., mostly without any fundamental reason....

  2. Realize deeply whát was written in the official Dutch State-Newspaper (Staats-Courant) nr.245 of December 18th 1995: “Corruption by Government hudge and structural problem” Dó read these words again and realize whát is standing there..., what it’s meaning is...!!! The State-Newspaper; thé official newspaper of the State of The Netherlands.....

  3. Do make copy’s of this tract and spread this as much as possible. Think about your clubs – waitingrooms doctors/hospitals - churches – neighbours – friends – and so on. Speak about it; speaking about it is most effective... Most important: Don’t forget the schools..!

  4. Think about cutting out a newspaper-article about this topic. In the years around 2005 there was a lot of publishity around Batman and Spiderman. Together with such a clipping you will have a tangible thing to speak about. Students can make an essay or a subject of study!

  5. Do write a letter to the queen (in who’s name this is happening)! This writting is more important than a lot of people realize.because it is known that every writer stands for so many none-writers... So: write, write and again: WRITE! The politicians are corrupt, does knów this yet does not change it... In The Netherlands: To the Dutch Queen – Paleis Noordeinde – The Hague.

  6. Finances are mostly destroying the cases of hearts. Yet, we as foundations do also need money to make copy’s – travelingcosts – telephonecosts and so on. The bankgironumber of the Wise Father Foundation - International in Heemskerk - The Netherlands is: NL62 INGB 0007303489 This foundation is marked as “Ideal” by the Dutch fiscal authorities.

  7. When you see an action, pay attention to it and do help them... Only a cup of coffee will be seen as supporting... and so: helping...!

  8. Now you can give help an do something..! Yet... will you do it..?

    It is so much needed; every help is so much needed..!
    for all those children.......
    for all those fathers.........
    for all those mothers.......
    for all those grandparents...

    Wise Father Foundation - International

    1966 RV 4 - Heemskerk / The Netherlands

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