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(A traveling-coverage)

On Monday September 5th 1994, the banner “Fáther misses child.” (*original in the Dutch language: “Váder mist kind.”) became spiritually to development. A good friend in our Lord Jesus Christ went back to Yugoslavia with my religious “There is Hope” flag and staff. At the hardware-store I saw another (yet incomplete) flagstaff. In complete condition it should cost fl 8,50. My own thinking to get it for fl 5,-- and bicycling home I agreed with our Father: only half price, fl 4,25. Next day negotiation with the boss. He also said my first thought about fl 5,--. In my turning around, he gave in: “Allright, fl 4,25”. This all was on September 3rd, the Saturday before the spiritual development of the banner.

On September 6th I've painted the banner. On a white background a hart, red as fire; within this heart the text: “father misses child”*. Yes, that was a good banner; 1st Corinthians 15:46!. ‘Let’s say I am making a capital F, our heavenly Father is also missing His children... Yeah, but the word children is too long... so: abbreviation dot..! Eureka: A sentence always start with a capital letter and ends with a full stop, yet, this was not a sentence, was it? As a sentence, it was correct, but when this was an abbreviation dot, it was obvious evangelical! Solution: put an accent on the “a” of Father and I would be a father also, in being so, all combination where possible at the same time..! Wonderful, isn’t it? The banner became more precious and thankful I prayed to our heavenly Father to get His blessing about this banner and crusade. “Fáther misses child.” (* original in Dutch: “Váder mist kind.”).

Upon the 2nd Tuesday of September, September 13th 1994, I've been out with the banner for the first time; The Hague, protest meeting of a group “Dwaze Vaders” (Translated: Foolish Fathers) A lot of reactions over the banner; people where attached to it. The cross lath was founded to be the mark of the Cross. It is wonderful to see that the biblical Isaiah 1:18 becomes true: “Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord...” Also inside the group of Foolish Fathers sympathy – and maybe a bit of jealousy – was found. Such a marvelous banner..! Me and art..? No, not by me; I can assure that to everyone..!

All right; Saturday following strait to the local Black Market or “Beverwijkse Bazaar”. This was a place where more people came together! Afterwards I've learned about 30 – 40.000 on a week-end..! The first time wasn’t that easy but... not too much negative reactions; sometimes even understanding full..! Of course also remarks like: “Go for a search then” or “I do miss my .... (money, dog, wife and so on). All together: something to overcome and to put of with.

Sunday September 18th ’94: Also churches should know that Father misses his child... In all meanings..! On September 20th train station Haarlem. Who was that..? No, impossible...yet..? Yes, it was the judge Blom, who was judging my case... So, I went towards her, with the banner. She walked fast away. Why? I went after her. She hid in the railway-restaurant! Characteristic! 

At October 8th ’94 I was thinking of the several (evangelical) meanings about this banner, the start was there! Wednesday and Friday visiting the local Beverwijkse and Heemskerkse market and Saturday to the Black Market; this time with the first signatures-lists; 17 times 6 makes 102 signatures..!!! Yeah, that was something, I thought at that time. Yet, only until 

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November 2nd ; at that day I raised-up 450 signatures, only upon a single afternoon..! 

The people - young and old altogether - where signing on 6 – 7 lists at the same time..! One elderly woman I do recall; she kneeled all the way down to place her signature... Also the first partner in distress (out of Zaandam) grapped me on my arm, if now he had finally something to go by... “Come on, go and search for it..” - “Father misses child” - “Father misses child” - “I do nót miss my children” - “Father misses child” - “Mom, is that man in love..?” - “I do not miss my father” - Father misses child” - “Go look for them” Comments... People didn’t understand thát much at that time... 
Yet, media was beginning to change that dullness or incomprehensibility. Very slowly but still, more and more this iniquity was shown on television and in the newspapers and magazines. For me the local newspaper “De Kennemer”, a free newspaper delivered door to door, was the first newspaper to print a photograph with sub lines concerning my action on October 20th 1994. That there were (much) more to follow, how could I know..?

The management of the Dutch Evangelical Broadcasting Company decided at last that I was not welcome in their neighborhood at the ‘Jaarbeurs’ (Utrecht), where a Christian manifestation was held. After the security guard had drawn his Dutch Police-identity (!) in a meeting under leadership of Jesus Christ (!), I went with my banner backstage. At the pause I went forwards until the security stopped me with force and violence. Is the truth not allowed to be published anymore..? Well, again with force and violence I was removed from this area. Outside I've waited until the end of the day, when thousands of people the banner saw...
At the end of a street in Beverwijk, with is also leading to the end of a tunnel, you can stay just next to the highway A9. Maybe you can guess how many cars are coming out of the tunnel during peak hour? Five lanes was enough for me to go there for the second time. Now, suddenly: no cars anymore... A police car approached me from behind and again with force and violence I was dragged into the police car. The banner was too big, so the throw it away Why all this, also big billboards when standing alongside the highway..! Penalty of 100 Dutch Guilders... After my written protest against police-force, I've never paid this penalty and have heard nothing any more after a conversation at the police station.

The IJmuider Courant of November 5th 1994 wrote about me as King of Hearts. Meanwhile I'd collected 3700 signatures (and raising); the Black Market was beginning to miss me when I wasn’t there. It goes all right with about a two hundred signatures in one hours time, doesn’t it? The negative comment became less. ‘You where also in Amsterdam, weren't you”? Yes, November 18th 1994 was my first time in de Dutch capital. More and more people started to know the banner. At the presentation of the Erasmus-rewards at the Queens Palace on Dam-square, the so-called notable’s, and even the queen (who arrived on the backside), saw the banner “Fáther misses child.”. People started to talk about me, a taxi driver of Amsterdam told me. His customers where talking about this man with that banner... Kalver Street and Leidse Street I already started to know. Thousands of people where seeing this banner. Up to other cities...

Groningen; in transferring at Amsterdam i just went outside and saw a tram with a special painting on it: On white in black letters: 

“Pappa, why don’t you do anything...”
“Pappa, why don’t you do anything”...??? 
Pappa, why don’t you do anything...??? 

For a human been with feelings, words are superfluous. What a confirmation for me!

- 3 –

All right, Groningen. Heerestreet, Grote Markt. Hey, then also the street named A.Kerkhof should be here... Yes, correct! I remembered the Dutch variant of the game Monopoly. Already I was at Amsterdam’s Kalverstraat & Leidsestraat. Would I get this monopoly ..? The local City-TV. recording, the bus stations is worth full to be mentioned: more and more busses where passing me. The thanks-note for the spiritual explanation came after my visit there. From Groningen by (a court of law-case) Arnhem to Nijmegen. Cable-news and newspaper. More and more the media came to me. At Amsterdam one photographer came to me: “At last, there you are! I’m looking for you since two weeks now..!” Only a few days later I was abused of being a childraper and another woman was asking me how I could stand all these insinuations?

Yeah, inner struggle a lonely year is closing: publicity; 8112 signatures, thousands of people who never ever can say anymore “I didn’t know...” yet still: “Fáther misses child.”... “and nobody is doing something about is...”

“It’s discourage to know how many people are shocked by honesty and how many by cheating” – Readers Digest December ‘94

With these lines the old year passing into the new year. The Hague, residence, capital city of the province of South-Holland and... the yellow streets on the (Dutch) monopoly-game! A woman was telling me that the father didn’t want to see his child...”Can you help me?” she asked. I had heard about this before but I couldn’t imagine it from the beginning Answering her question: No, I could not help her...! A man joined me the next day after reading the newspaper article. He called himself Tom after all the problems he had faced. Before that it was Hans... In the train station a police-woman addressed to me about the banner. Other passengers stood up for me and replied her. Resting on a bench, a man settled down next to me and spoke to me, also about the heavenly Father.

In Haarlem, capital-city of the province North-Holland, I was almost arrested. During my action policemen told me not to speak anymore, while people asked me to do so..! With increasing voice I answered these two members of the criminal justice-department, telling them that article 1 and 7 of the Dutch Constitution (freedom of speech) still was operational to my knowledge and that a lower law couldn’t stand the constitutional law..! Walking around, I've learned I turned exactly on the right time because a police-car was waiting for me around the corner... Fourteen year old girl Marcella did understand why I was walking with this banner, a lot of elderly people did not..! The daily- and weekly newspaper published my story. A 42-old woman was walking intimately with her father, who she was searching for after her mothers death. She was ‘happy’ that her mother died... did understand the strange looks of by-passers concerning her intimate relationship with her father but walked arm in arm with him. LIVE..! I shouted to them; LIVE..! The girls Marieke and Brenda quickly understood the problem. “It’s so stupid when you can not see your father, isn’t it?”...

Meanwhile the lying-machine called Justice-department went on and on. After a false accusations of incest the ‘judge’ turned his verdict it became now something about “not able to enter into others feelings and emotions... and that only my observation was correct”... More than 10.000 signature’s undermined this thesis of the judge, but the heavenly indoctrinated Wim (8) & Suzan (6) declared that they didn’t want to go to their father... 

- 4 –

Children of 6 & 8 years old who at that time, didn’t see their father for 3 ½ years... What kind of kids of that age does not want to go to their fathers anymore..??? The drawn-up contra-analysis was ‘missing’ and was ‘not found’ in the dossier..! Questions in the House of Parliament – publicity – thousands witnesses and still we only hear: Order is order (German: “Befehl ist Befehl”)

Zwolle, the capital city of the province Overijssel. On mothers hand Sanna (10) was shopping and was looking more and more times when she came out of the various shops to me; very particular. It seemed that she also hadn’t seen her father for many years... Pauline van D. a grown-up woman was attached to the banner and talked to me. Later she came all the way to my house and found rest. Yes, the biblical Matthew 11:28 was not written for nothing! In Zwolle I also went alongside schools and college’s. Like in all city’s on Saturday: crowdie, crowdie and crowdie again..!

In Arnhem a man came to me who told me it was too late for him. I replied him that even indoctrination could be canceled. He told me that his children died at a car-crash... In the center there was an “All you need is love”- trailer from a TV.-station. The signboard was calling those people who had a cry of the heart... Well... Later my cry was broadcasted on national television. Sunday’s the reverent of the Assembly’s of God emphasis the last verse of the Old Testament, I had informed him that I would come in the service. The newspapers gave a lot of attention; the “Arnhemse Courant” all 8 editions showed a big full-color picture of my banner on Saturdays FrontPage! Also de newspaper called “De Gelderlander” had about 215.000 circulations. On the bridge of Arnhem, two police-officers tried to give me a fine / penalty; I should have been in offence. Which offence, even they couldn’t say, I just was on the footpath.

On April 3rd I left to ‘s-Hertogenbosch by Amsterdam and Utrecht. At Utrecht I alighted to show the banner into town when a man talked to me and gave me fl. 7,50 spontaneously! Only this gift was seen by the stationmaster. “Sir, you’re not allowed to demonstrate and accept money”. Well, I even didn’t say anything. Continuing walking to the exit, a young woman spoke to me. Meanwhile two train station-policemen came to me; I was still talking. On a very impudent way they forced themselves into the conversation, resulting that I answered them with a loud voice that I was talking on request of this woman, finding my way to the exit... This woman confirmed this. “You also took money”? they asked... On a icy tone I told them that in leaving the train station I had to pass this station by it’s platform to the exit and when people where giving me something or addressing to me, I myself considered myself human enough to answer those people! As usual they slunk after there display of power because I did not do anything wrong...Opposition..? Yes, yet only out of the criminal justice-department; demonstrable!

At the capital of North-Brabant, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, I shared empty signatures-lists so that the people themselves could do something to help. By an acquainted of another ‘foolish father’ I could get shoes for a cheap price; I needed them. An young woman (about 25 years) came specially to me and said that she got a tear in her eye and a lump in her throat the minute she say me... She didn’t want or say or hear anything more, she only wanted me to know...! Joining an occupation (of a law-firm) at The Hague, I traveled to Maastricht, capital of Limburg; my last city until this moment of typing my first report... In changing trains at Eindhoven, city of Philips-concern, i walked around the platform.

- 5 -

On April 27th a woman came to me at the bridge of Maastricht who gave me a kiss on my forehead. “Keep on this good work” she said. Of course I met other ‘foolish fathers’ and gave them empty lists to gain signatures, also one to a ‘fish & chips’-store at the marketplace, who hanged this one his wall for the costumers. A bit hysterical woman told me that I should speak to her ex-husband; “He has a new girlfriend and doesn’t want to see his own daughter any-more. Why don’t you do anything against that..? You múst do something about thát iniquity!” 

On ‘Vrijthof’-square a press-photographer came to me. He told me he would call a journalist, what happened indeed. On the shift Dutch queens-day, the Dutch queen Beatrix came to the most southern town of The Netherlands called Eijsden. I also went there with my banner and the queen has seen this banner now for the second time. Passing on a distance of three yards, obliged to look to ‘your’ nationals, you can not say that you did not see the banner... 
The girl Mannon was only 15 years old and missed the fatherly-love, a girlfriend of her told me. She noticed that strongly. If I could do something...
On the official queens-day, April 30th, I traveled back. In Amsterdam it still was very crowdie due to the queens-day-festivals. Walking through the city, the ‘Rembrandtsquare’ was full of people. After noticing the people on it’s terraces about the problem, I walked alongside a street-artist. Asking him for a moment of take-over I called with a loud voice: “The Netherlands is violating human-rights... and nobody is doing anything against it. Thousands of fathers, ten thousands of children are not able to see each other by this iniquity... and nobody is doing anything about it! But You... – I said in a increasing silence with a dignified solemn voice – You can never say anymore: “Ich habe es night gewüsst” (I did not know); walking silently out of the serene silence. 

After 4 or 5 steps a huge applause burst out... about a thousand people applaud; it was heard in the out-leading street where other people where looking to the square, where the applaud came from... Well, at such moments you will be silent yourself. Thank you Fáther! The Dutch people are backing me up with my banner. at least 90%. The rest has no meaning, are offender of is working at one of the justice-department. Democracy..??? Liberation-festivals..? 50 years of freedom..? What about the tyranny that wound through my heart..? (May 9th 1995)

This part of the year I was determined to visit main (Christian) events. In doing so, I was at the ‘Velser Landdag’ on Pentecost-day where the clergy rather say me go than come; yet; Góds will be done..! A lot of people did understand the banner, also it’s multiple meaning..!

On July 10th my son Wim became 9 years old, I wasn’t even allowed to send him a birthday-card...(Ecclesiastes 3:16). I did go that day to a big youth-meeting organized by the Dutch Evangelical broadcasting company and could give over there a lot of explanation that day. The theme was: “Where are you”.., a truly good question..! It’s getting more busy, I do hope for a suitable help. On June 24th a Christian manifestation “Mars for Jesus” was organized at Utrecht, which I was participating (among 17.000 Christians) in front, as shown in the national newspaper ‘Algemeen Dagblad’ of June 26th 1995. I do hope that our Lord touches many more Christians for backing-up prayers in this heavy task, this crusade.

On June 18th I was on Scheveningen, as the fisherman ought to say. After more times explanations and encouragements, I walked alongside a terrace with life-music. Between all this amusement a deadly serious topic... After asking the microphone for explanation, the people where deadly silent. likewise at Amsterdam’s Rembrand-square. When I turned away, the entertainer started a Dutch song about the smile of a child that you made realize you’re living.

- 6 -

A totally wrong song in this situation since I could nót see this smile... After the first words he realized his capital mistake and hesitated strongly; realizing strongly my banner and explanation...: A lot of fathers (and mothers in similar situation) were not allowed to see this smile of their children by this corrupt system and are realizing that they are nót living...!

I already raised my thump as a sign of my understanding his good intentions. To rescue him in this very awkward situation I returned, took over the microphone again and started another song. With totally opened sound the song “We shall overcome...” (rev. Martin Luther King) resounded over this typical tourism-place; “Scheveningse-boulevard”. Truly, We Shall Over-come Someday...!!!

Right; June 24th the Mars for Jesus, next day – June 25th – “Parkpop” The Hague. About 400.000 mainly young people. Many-thousands passed my banner, asking themselves (seeing the small sign) “About whát is nobody doing anything..?” In turning around they saw my banner and became instantly silent...! One time “I’m missing my money”; two times laughing incomprehensible. In my diary I wrote down: “I think I can say that The Netherlands is done”. Radio West (about 200.000 listeners – including the bus driver) gave a short life-interview about my action. Thousands of people saw me standing in front of the stage; holding the banner all the way up-high...

On a Shabbat, July 1st 1995, i went to the congress center “Jaarbeurs” at Utrecht where an international conference of Seventh Day Adventist was. Later i received a letter from the United States of America.

After this event i went to the trainstation-shoppingcentre and stood with the banner at the “Radbouttraverse”. It was very crowdie again; about 125 persons a minute were passing me . Two girls turned around, they said it was “shocking” what was happening. At Amsterdam’s “Dam-Square” a touring-car stopped and a man stepped down, coming to me for information. A Hindoe-girl became angry inside about this iniquity and a Belgian man followed me from the station-square to the platform where my train was departing.

The next weekend, the Royal Dutch Navy had “Open House” at it’s main port Den Helder. The newspaper “Helderse Courant” was signaled by me and wrote a small article on Saturday July 8th ’95.. Also the story of an Officer of the Marines was published in a sprawling way with a reacting of the Foolish Fathers Foundation. After some turbulence I went to stand on the well known “Moorman-bridge”, The next day the owner of the cafeteria excused himself for this turbulence, he thought I was demonstrating against the Navy... A 9-year old girl talked about her mother which she wasn’t allowed to see...

On July 13th I was in IJmuiden. Over there I was beaten-up by a market-salesman, who violated my action to the public. With a “preachy-voice” (said the newspaper ‘IJmuider Courant’ of Friday July 14th ’95) I answered that his goal was just money and not heart-business at all... On the ferry backwards, an American told me he had come to The Nether-lands just because of this iniquity...

The “Four-Days” of Nijmegen, a walking-event, was held on July 19th and very, very crowded. So, I went there with the banner. By Amsterdam, Utrecht and Arnhem – where I popped out to show this banner – I reached Nijmegen in the early evening. The center was really ‘black of people’ as a Dutch expression says, you cold walk on humans-heads. They all went to the “Waalkade” the quay. At the “Valkenhof” a lightning-poet from the U.S.A. supported me by a song about fathers who where missing their children while they should see them...

- 7 –

July 21st showed me the inside working method of the child-welfare of the Salvation Army... I only state out never ever to follow a church or organization but to follow The Father Who is missing His children. The way this branch of organization behaved had nothing, but really nothing at all, to do wit God Almighty. This branch is pure satanic...!

On this last evening I went with another ‘Foolish Father’ to Roermond, a city in Limburg, where the press (‘Limburgs Dagblad’ & ‘De Limburger’) published articles about my action over there. The parents of this ‘Foolish Father’ had spend all their savings to the corrupt Justice-Department to see their own grand-children. On Monday July 24th I could come to Maastricht again. A girl named Milangela came to my house two days later. She didn’t see her father for long time time and a small tear dropped when I showed her the banner. On July 28th I stood on the “Dorpsstraat” in my neighbourtown Castricum.

Sail ’95 !!! Expected visitors: 3½ million people... Needless to say I went over there... I spread about a 500 flyers with a lot of talking / explanation. Extremely tiring but about two million people saw the banner, so that they also never ever can say: “I did not know...” I do hope this message will ‘sail’ across the world: “The Netherlands is violating human rights... and nobody is doing anything about it..!

From Sail-Amsterdam to the village Mariëmheem is qua extensiveness quite a difference; isn’t it? Yet, also the small country-village’s are an offence to a lot of fáthers, since a lot of children who can not see them are living there. I stood at the school of Mariëmheen on special request of one of those fathers. Just standing there with the banner, not speaking, not moving, not doing anything, can have a hedge impact, as August 25th 1995 showed. “Police; police” the children shouted. Yes, the police passed, turned and came to me. Yet, they could not find anything wrong in my doing. One of the policeman went inside the school; the other one asked me if it had any use to demonstrate there. Exactly at that moment a passing cyclist raised his thump in saying: “Good action, go on with it”. I asked him to explain the policeman the meaning of it all, since he did understand it, he also was one of the “Foolish Fathers”..! The policeman slunk off, leaving a lot of tumult. To all the children I could say, that indeed, I did nót do anything wrong... even the police agreed in that..! These policeman knew me all-ready from the day before when I was explaining at this police station why I stopped the parade, called “Stoppelhaene”, a local harvest home... Also over there thousands has seen this banner. A small mentioning in the local newspaper “Overijssels Dagblad” testified about that fact. Also the nearby newspaper “Deventer Post” reported a article about my being there on August 30th.

On my way back I went to the ‘Brink’ of ‘Laren’ to tell this village also that a “Fáther misses his child.” This ‘Brink’ is the local central square. By the ‘Larenseweg’ I went to my birthplace ‘Hilversum’, a reporter with film camera was shooting this walk... Striking..! Via the ‘Groest’ to the ‘Kerkstraat’ at ‘Hilversum’ were it was also crowdie on this Saturday. Ingrid was just divorced, she told me that she had to do some thinking about this topic... To be on time at Utrecht for the ending of a Christian event (Zoeklicht Toogdag) I couldn’t stay too long at Hilversum. At the end of this day, again a lot of people saw the banner.

From 7th till 12th of September 1995 I was at Rotterdam, world’s biggest harbor. Yeah.., where to begin this story? At least, in Rotterdam I obtained my Monopoly-position. All the (Dutch) streets of this game I walked! By train I went to many, many stations; from North to South, from East to West. 

- 8 –

I can and may say that i walked the whole of The Netherlands with the banner: “Fáther misses child.” literally..! Rotterdam was significant to me; at World War II the heart of this city was bombed-out, like the statue (of Zadkine) showed at the ‘Blaak’. City-TV. reported my action and broadcasted this every two hours on it’s news-item; I walked the worlds first covered-shopping-center ‘Lijnbaan’ more times. On Saturday September 9th ’95 the Christian newspaper ‘Nederlands Dagblad’ was publishing a full-page story about this iniquity; inside also my double message was written. For me unexpectedly, also the local ‘World-Harbour Days’ a kind of ‘Open House’ for this harbor, was hold at Rotterdam. Sunday-afternoon again a lot of people’ where witnessing the action, the local free house-to-house newspaper “Havenloods’ reported in 6 of the 11 editions.

September 12th 1995. This day was closing-day of my first-years crusade with the banner you’ve been reading about. The things a human been can experience... Of course there are people that keep saying i didn’t do anything myself about this iniquity... Well.. 

This was also the Second Tuesday of September and so; action-day of the ‘Foolish Fathers Foundation’. In the hall off the Second Chamber of Parliament at The Hague I did gave my 10.000 collected signature’s to the members of the parliamentary-justice-committee as a petition. Reading the Foundation’s-letter, I also did mentioned my own letter, As appears out of former petitions, politicians did not understand there own Dutch language nor the Chinese, so now I also mentioned some German words (often spoken by Nazi’s during the WW.II). We are “from German Blood” as our National Anthem says.. Closing down one-years crusade throughout the whole of The Netherlands this country The Netherlands including it’s queen and full parliament cannot say anymore “Ich habe es night gewüsst” (I did not know). Whenever you do know about iniquity, not undertaking anything against it, how far are you guilty in maintaining this iniquity..? When does negligence becomes reproachful and punishable? This question I want to pop up and leave with you, reader! If you knowingly and willingly do not do anything about iniquity, in what way are you responsible to maintain this iniquity..???

The banner’s development began spiritually; “Fáther misses child.” A lot op people recognized themselves in this visitations-wrong. Thousands of fáthers are missing their own children. For these fáthers I walked also..!

YET, let nobody forget that my mission was also for our Unseen Fáther, Who is just as invisible as this worldly iniquity..! He also misses so-many of His children, He’s taking the lead. My children are raised / indoctrinated against me, likewise i was raised / indoctrinated against my heavenly Fáther..! Hé was waiting for me, not with studied wisdom but with Fátherly love..! He send me His son Jesus Christ, Who forgives our wrong-doings; Who forgives us our rebellion ship (by satan) against Him. Our Fáther does asks us to establish an honest heart-relationship with Him, like we as fáthers also wants to have an honest heart-relationship with our children. 

In honoring our Father and also by our Father, i am allowed to invite all readers, so including you (!), to get a heartrelationschip with Him through Jesus Christ. He says: “Behold, I stand at the door and knock: if any man hears my voice and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me”. Do know that only Jesus Christ can take you to your Father in heaven and realize that this invitation is for you..! A lot of children has to learn to know their fáther due to the fact they were not allowed to see them... Are you not exactly such a child? I do hope you will think about this because: “Fáther misses child.”

- Albert Streep – 

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