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Establishment letter


The Wise Father Foundation - International (W.F.F.) is the official English name of the Dutch “Stichting Wijze Vader” which was established on Februari 29th 1996 at Heemskerk (Holland) and registrerd at the Chambers of Commerce Amsterdam by number 41227033 under the adres of 1966RV4. It’s bankgironumber is NL62 INGB 0007303489 at Heemskerk  

The aim of the foundation is to “turn the hearts of the fathers* to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers” as well as “Preaching thát what the Lord Jesus Christ has commanded”

In overlooking this aim, you can clearly see that the W.F.F. sepperates itself from other foundations, organisations and so on on the fundamental basic: the bible (Dutch “Staten Vertaling”; English: “King James Authorized”) is our foundation from where we are trying to fight (with God!) the big iniquity where, after divorce, fathers* are not allowed to see there own children anymore. We are trying to reunite children and fathers.

As this goes about the centre of persons thoughts and emotions (the heart of the matter), we do acknowledge that only the Máker of the heart can do heart-repairs. No doctor or surgeon in this world can repair these broken hearts, only God can do so!

Yet, we can make our effort; for instance through conversations and/or escort on spiritual level. De bible shall be our basic for this effort. Reason is that we acknowledge that our heavenly Father is a Fáther Himself, Who is missing a lot of His own children, also by exactly the same iniquity..., while these children (you perhaps..?) are raised against Him and His son Jesus Christ..!

Throughout own experience (since medio 1991 seperated from van his own flesh-and-blood children), the chairman of the W.F.F. has found the living Word Jesus Christ and has established a heart-relationship with Him. See his testimony!

To publish the visitationrights-iniquity, the chairman of the W.F.F. has hold a real crusade throughout the whole of The Netherlands with, on a big withe banner, the text: “Fáther misses child.” (in the Dutch language) written in a heart, red as fire. This action answered its purpose: making an unvisible problem visible; the media was often present!

There are many more things (then this iniquity) unvisible; it would be foolish to deny it! ”The fool hath said in his heart: There is no God” is literal written in the Bible (Psalms 14 & 53). To a lot of people we were fools; (luckely) children grow an doing so, we became a little more wise concerning these matters; while on the other hand, children are there..... of whom you do hope that they do nót grow in your absent.....

Above all: May our God Almighty help us en give His blessing over al the work witch is comming. Psalms 121.

Albert Streep
Chairman Stichting Wijze Vader / Wise Father Foundation – International

*Fathers, alsó in the antropological explanation of “fore-fathers”, yet also biblical as in 1 Corinthians 15 : 46.

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