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In this West-African tropical country it’s normal that temperature reaches 38 – 42 degrees Celsius. This is a leading factor in this democracy of which Accra is the capital city, located on about 5 degrees North of the equator. Between Ivory coast and Togo, it’s have Burkino-Faso as Northern neighbor and the Atlantic Ocean (Golf of Guinness) as it’s Southern border. North of a regional city called “Tamale”, you’ll find the landscape diverse into steppe ground to be eventually changing (out of the border) into the Sahara.

.Since 1957 Ghana is independent of England and this country is been seen as the first democratic one in the continent of Africa. At this moment about 16 billion inhabitants are living on a surface 1½  times as big as The Netherlands. Coming from a real tribe-culture, there still are a lot of traditions which we, as westerners, shall not understand easily. In this former ‘Goldcoast’ there are about 69 official languages; the so called “Twi” is the official main language with English as the second one, ¼ of the population below 50 years does speak English. The most important province, called ‘Regions’, is the Ashanti-Region, named after the Ashant-tribe. This tribe still have it’s own king which has so much ‘power’ that political leaders who are wise doesn’t rule beyond this man. This ‘Ashanti-Hene’ has his palace in the second city of Ghana in the midst of Ashanti, called “Kumasi”. Outside this capital lies a village called Adanwomasi, in the midst of the area where the ‘kente’-weaving is coming from. Over here Albert Streep has build a house which is called after the biblical 2nd Chronicles 20 : 26 “Berachah” The caretaker is the local pastor called Yaw Opoku Donkor. Living between the locals, you can get an impression of their culture which is mainly based on there religious rites. After occult religions like Voodoo and Fiji, Christianity is rising since the 60’s of last century. The big evangelist Amako (who was killed in a mysterious car-accident with military soldiers under the regime of Rawlings), had a great influence in this part. The religions however are still full of symbolics, which are clearly visible in Ghana’s culture. For example you will find ‘funerals’ which are a phenomenon by and with their rituals for the (idol-) gods and forefathers. Although Christianity is rising and have the upper hand in the Southern part of Ghana (especially in Ashanti); the Islamite religion in the North can not be denied. You can see yourself, for everyone with interest for culture, an unprecedented big area is there, also for Christians! Why all this information?


You already see it on above standing word. On your own expense for traveling- and staying costs (and off course on your own risk due to tropical diseases and so on), partners in distress are invited by Albert Streep to come over and experience a rest in a totally different surrounding. Another group for this invitation are Christians who likes to see a mission field during a holiday and see how these people are experiencing their faith in Christ. The poor but heartily inhabitants can use your attention while they can offer us something too..! Serious interested people can contact Albert Streep on telephone



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